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Here’s what our clients have to say about working with us

and how you could benefit from working with us too!

"We have been profitable every single month this year.. It's truly been one of the most passive investments I have ever made."

– Dan, Real Estate Investoro.

Before investing with Zip, Dan has been mainly a long-term real estate investor. Over this past year, Dan came to us wanting to break into the Airbnb / Short-Term Rental Market. After hearing more about his investment goals and direction, we were able to help Dan acquire 3 properties in the last year for him.
After partnering up with the Zip Management Team, all his properties have been extremely profitable every single month & completely passive, just how Dan was wanting it.
To learn more about Dan’s success with us, watch his testimonial video! 

"Partnering with Zip has been one of the best decisions I have made."

– Kiana, Real Estate Investor

Before partnering with Zip Management Group, Kiana was managing her properties all on her own and it was hard for her to grow her real estate portfolio, as she was wanting.
After putting together a plan for Kiana’s goals, the Zip team was able to help Kiana Find, Furnish, & Manage 2 brand new properties in the last year. This has allowed Kiana to generate an extra $5,000+/mo in income, while having a complete hands off approach allowing her to focus on other things.
To learn more about Kiana’s success with us, watch her testimonial video! 

"I highly recommend them to everyone. They do a great job & rental income has been great."

– Olu, Homeowner & Real Estate Investor

Before Olu joined Zip Management Group, he was managing his property all by himself & dealing with all the stress, issues, & unnecessary things, you shouldn’t have to worry about as a landlord. 
After partnering up with the Zip Management Team, he has now been able to generate over $40,000
in just 6-months while being completely hands off, allowing him to work his full-time job.
To learn more about Olu’s success with us, watch his testimonial video!